An Embodied Approach to Understanding


  • Zoe Viola Bergmann University of Vienna


In this workshop, we will tackle understanding – verstehen – razumevanje – megérteni – pochopiť as an intricate embodied phenomenon. We will explore how we grasp understanding by making use of our bodies in different ways. In a first group exercise, participants will dive into understanding employing a creative movement method. Be prepared to be in motion! After a joint discussion and reflection on part one, the second part will kick off with a short theoretical background on an active listening and talking approach. Hereafter, participants will practice it in dyads. The focus of the partner exercise will be our felt understanding of how we ended up in the MEi:CogSci program. The workshop will take place outside. Please wear clothes that allow you to move your body freely, and if desired, bring something to sit on.

The workshop addresses an interdisciplinary audience and aims at connecting with each other and our whole-bodily selves.